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AuditFactory VIPs

AuditFactory VIPs is the name we give to our privileged clients. Once you are on our VIP database, you will receive priority invitations to seminars and workshops that have been specially put together for you and our other VIP clients.

These include seminars covering topics of current interest that are not (or not yet) generally available on the market, workshops for the exchange of information and experience (especially for internal audit management), and special seminars with experts from internal audit and other related fields.

There are two ways to become a VIP:

Firstly, all auditors who work with us on a frame contract are also automatically VIPs. They enjoy the advantages of VIP status as long as they continue to work with us.

Secondly, audit departments that book our open seminars are also put on the VIP database at the same time.

We regularly check through our client databases to make sure that VIPs are informed of their status and that all established and potential clients are kept fully up to date. But we can only inform those who we know!

So, if we do not yet know you, why not change that right now? Use the PDF form on this page to send us your details and we will inform you in good time about our upcoming seminars, training courses and special events.