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Our Services for Auditors

The AuditFactory is both a network and a business. We believe that combining theoretical knowledge and practical experience puts us in the best possible position to offer a range of services for internal auditors. And many highly experienced auditors agree. That is why they choose to provide us with their valuable support. Our networkers mostly work as audit managers themselves in a wide variety of industries, which means that we can always call in the right specialists with the right experience.

Sometimes we use networkers from other professions, if they have specialized skills and experience that we need for a particular contract.

We utilize our network to put us in a position to offer a wide range of services for internal auditors. Naturally, we offer the classic products for internal audit management and the setting up and reorganization of internal audit departments plus peer review and coaching. A number of our trained coaches also work as internal auditors.

Our workshops give our clients the chance to discuss auditing topics with other auditors and to profit from their experience. They not only provide useful information on current issues, they also serve as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience within a small group of professionals.

Because of its breadth, our network covers practically all the areas of activity of internal auditors. So if you need help finding the answer to a specific question, simply get in touch.