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Executive Search Benefits and AuditFactory Services

Conventional methods of finding personnel, such as placing job ads, have the distinct disadvantage of involving a long wait for suitable candidates to turn up, if they ever do. The whole process can be quite drawn out.

Our network partner, however, has a candidate base of 4,000 passive and 1,500 active candidates.

By ‘passive candidates’ we mean candidates who have been identified as having special and sought-after auditing skills and experience but who have not yet been interviewed with regard to a specific type of position.

An ‘active candidate’ has been earmarked for a specific type of position. This will only occur after a series of career planning interviews covering all aspects from ultimate goals to immediate time frames. These high potential individuals are often proactively presented to companies who are seeking personnel. Their career path will have been closely followed by the consultant, who has remained in regular contact.

As soon as a concrete requirement profile is received, these active candidates can be immediately contacted by a consultant. A comprehensive appraisal of their strengths and weaknesses will already have been made.

One very real advantage for companies seeking personnel is that the career path of these top auditors has been closely followed by the consultant. The benefit of this should not be underestimated because the additional information about candidates’ career development that is obtained in this way leads to the consultant being much more likely to be able to recommend precisely the right candidate for any given position.

What is more, this direct approach represents better value for money than job ads, whether online or printed.

  • Summary of the benefits of using an Executive Search specialist:
  • Comprehensive specialist knowledge from own internal audit experience
  • No time wasted weeding out and responding to unqualified applicants
  • Contractually defined time plan for filling vacant positions
  • Contractually defined standards that ensure the professionalism of the consultant
  • Fair and proportional fee structure ensures ultimate success
  • Exclusive contract precludes ‘résumé trading’ by unqualified mediators

Summary of our services:
Consulting services for the recruitment of internal audit personnel

  • Executive Search for senior professionals and chief audit executives
  • Career consulting for high potential internal audit personnel
  • Internal audit / finance research