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Our Services for Companies

Our general service package includes auditing, consultation, training and internal audit seminars. As such, we offer you a full range of essential services from a single source. Our network is in the position to set up audit departments, make qualitative improvements to existing audit departments and to coach and train internal auditors. This package comprises a spectrum of services that is unique in today’s market.

According to our appreciation of internal auditing, our role is to provide ongoing internal audit services for your organization, based on your current risk situation. We place a great deal of emphasis on adhering to best practice and use the latest approach to internal auditing, including risk-oriented auditing and the integration of consulting into the role of internal audit.

In devising our service concept, we have oriented ourselves on the highly acclaimed EFQM model for service providers, which we have adapted to the specific needs of internal audit. This model sets out general quality criteria for the creation of products or the provision of services. It is also an excellent basis for a product palette that includes the elements necessary to ensure an improvement in internal audit quality.

The quality of internal audit is based on three fundamental elements: Potential, process results and the existence of a Professional Practices Framework (PPF). Risk, process and future orientation alone is far from sufficient to generate the best possible quality – complementary certainly, but too narrow as an exclusive field of focus. We will advise you on creating an appropriate framework for your internal audit department and on defining the corresponding auditing processes. An audit department set up by us in this way will stand up to the scrutiny of any independent third party.

We make our entire network available to you. We work with networkers who have a lot of practical experience working on auditing and consulting projects. They are experts from the field of internal audit who mostly have decades of experience in planning and carrying out audits. They also have specialist expertise relating to specific processes or industries and qualifications of an economic, business management or technical nature.

Because we can find an appropriately qualified and experienced networker for any type of project, we have a great advantage over our competitors (who do not usually have access to such a wide range of competencies). And our networkers are closely involved in our training activities, through which they regularly pass on their knowledge to our clients.

In addition to providing classic auditing services, we are also experts in all related areas, such as risk management, corporate governance and economic criminality. Here, too, our broad-based network includes numerous individuals and companies who can provide full and competent support when needed.