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Fraud Due Diligence Audit

A fraud due diligence audit examines structural and procedural organization in order to identify fraud risks and detect incidences of fraud. Fraud due diligence auditing is therefore a fundamental component of a good fraud prevention plan.

Professional fraud due diligence auditing uses a recognized model for internal control systems. In the case of the AuditFactory, this is the COSO I Internal Control System, the effectiveness of which has been recognized for decades. It not only encompasses the usual hard controls, but also incorporates soft control factors such as ethical values.

The most important question here is what a fraud due diligence audit can achieve in comparison with other solutions available on the market. Our fraud due diligence concept concentrates auditing resources on the areas (risk zones) where attention is necessary. This increases the risk of detection for the perpetrator. Unlike with statistically based audits or checklist approaches, there is no chasing of data phantoms, beta mistakes or remote checklist risks.

The AuditFactory can help you conduct a fraud due diligence audit. You can either:

  • outsource the job to us and the AuditFactory will conduct the entire fraud due diligence audit, or
  • engage us as a partner and we will work on the project together with your internal audit department or risk management.