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Crisis Management

A major case of fraud can cause a crisis situation that has the potential to threaten the very existence of a company. These crises are often characterized by erroneous and incomplete information, a high level of complexity and numerous problems requiring interdisciplinary solutions. In order to manage such a situation successfully, it is, of course, necessary to keep a cool head. But more than that, profound knowledge of exactly the right steps to take is also essential.

The decisive factors are:

  • Immediate action
  • Asking the right questions (i.e. the questions that must be asked without delay right at the beginning of a fraud case)
  • Setting the right priorities
  • Knowing exactly what to do to quickly put together an interdisciplinary task force
  • Accurate and detailed documentation and reporting
  • Careful consideration of the consequences of diverging aims upon the overall strategy and upon each phase of the management of the crisis

The AuditFactory can help you manage and overcome crisis situations. You can engage us to either:

  • take on the crisis management for a specific case, or
  • provide training for your employees in order to introduce them to the field of crisis management and give them a good fundamental and practically based understanding of the subject.