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Fraud Management System

The goal here must be for a company to establish an effective fraud management system, i.e. a self-contained body that (while observing all legal regulations) coordinates the organizational and technical measures that are necessary for the prevention, detection and investigation of criminal acts. When doing so, it is important to carefully integrate with existing management and control systems.

The job of setting up a fraud management system is often delegated (wholly or in part) to the internal audit department.

The AuditFactory can help your internal audit department devise and implement a fraud management system (or any individual component thereof). You can either:

  • outsource the job to us and we will handle the entire project, or
  • engage us as a partner and we will work on the project together with your internal audit department.

Individual components of a fraud management system (e.g. prevention program, fraud due diligence audits, forensic audits etc.) can, of course, be implemented or carried out separately.