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All projects and training activities connected with combating economic criminality are headed by experienced fraud specialists. These specialists have at least seven, but in some cases more than twenty years experience in fraud prevention, detection, forensic auditing and consulting.

Besides having many years of relevant experience, AuditFactory fraud specialists have all the necessary professional qualifications, e.g.:

  • Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Certified Internal Auditor
  • Law qualifications from a variety of different legal spheres

On the basis of this solid foundation, we have developed a range of products and solutions that conform to best practice and have proved themselves in this difficult and dynamic environment.

Moreover, our networkers’ know-how and experience means we can take fast, appropriate, flexible and effective action in all cases where the tried and tested solutions turn out not to be optimal after all.

We have IT tools that enable us to audit large volumes of data. While this is generally done using statistical methods, we also have the facility to carry out fuzzy searches. This puts us in a position to apply the right tools for each individual task, and to conduct comprehensive audits where necessary.

Besides fraud specialists, crisis managers and legal experts, we also have IT specialists who can help us in the examination of large volumes of emails and operational data as well as individual items such as hard disk drives. This is, of course, always done in accordance with all applicable rules to ensure that any evidence found will be usable in a court of law.