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For German companies hit by economic criminality, the average loss has been running at over three million euros (four million US dollars). Only a little more than 40 percent of these German companies have been able to recover even a proportion of these losses.

This poor result is often due to inadequate crisis management and insufficient or deficient forensic auditing after a criminal act is discovered. This is something that must be carried out professionally in order to recover as much of the losses as possible. A purely audit-based approach is not enough, the legal side must also be considered. The AuditFactory achieves this using an interdisciplinary approach: Our project managers either have legal training or are attorneys with auditing expertise.

But it is not just the material losses that need to be considered, intangible losses, too, can be considerable. In Germany, for example, almost 70 percent of affected companies also suffer substantial intangible losses (depending on the type of fraud). These include damage to reputation, negative effects on employee motivation, strain being placed on business relationships and loss of customers. And there are other forms of loss that are also difficult to quantify, such as those resulting from competitors having gained an unfair advantage.