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The AuditFactory sees its mission as actively focusing skill and experience toward making a significant contribution to the further development of the field of internal auditing. The list of professional articles by our networkers and associates that have been published to date is indeed quite impressive.

  • Schwager, Elmar: Business Risks in the Life Insurance Sales Process – Forms and Consequences for Internal Auditing, won the German Institute for Internal Auditing award in 1998, in: Zeitschrift Interne Revision, 03/2000 and 04/2000
  • Schwager, Elmar: The Internal Auditor – a Contribution Toward Changing Preconceptions, in: Der Betrieb, 2000
  • Schwager, Elmar: Reply to the ‘German Act on Control and Transparency in Enterprises’ and the Risks it Poses to Human Resources, in: Zeitschrift Interne Revision, 04/2000
  • Schwager, Elmar: The Charter of Internal Audit Departments – Content and Internal Marketing, in: Zeitschrift Interne Revision, 2001
  • Brand-Noé, Christine; Schwager, Elmar: Auditing High Potential Programs – Safeguarding the Future through Internal Audit, in: personal, 2001
  • Immerthal, Lars; Schwager, Elmar: From Consultant to the 10 Commandments – Economic Philosophy in Auditing and Consulting, in: high potential, 2001
  • Brand-Noé, Christine; Schwager, Elmar: Working Together – The Problems and Opportunities of Cooperation between Human Resources and Internal Auditing, in: personal, 2001
  • Schwager, Elmar: Latest Development in Internal Auditing, in: Der Betrieb, 2001
  • Schwager, Elmar: The Risks of Decentralizing Human Resources, in: personal, 2003
  • Schwager, Elmar: The Internal Auditor as Ethical Agent, in: Zeitschrift Interne Revision, 2003
  • Schwager, Elmar: Outsourcing Internal Auditing, in: Der Betrieb, 2004
  • Schwager, Elmar; Stauss, Udo; Wegst, Heiko: Internal Auditors in the Role of Consultants, in: Zeitschrift Interne Revision, 2004
  • Schwager, Elmar; Kerner, Mathias; Stauss, Udo; Röttger, Steffen: Conducting Efficient Internal Audits – Practice Oriented Requirements for an Audit Management System, in: Zeitschrift Interne Revision, 2005
  • Schwager, Elmar: Ethics Management Systems and the Ethics of Governance, AuditFactory Working Paper, 01/2005
  • Schwager, Elmar: Auditing Handbooks – Purpose, Use and a Layout Proposal, AuditFactory Working Paper, 02/2005
  • Schwager, Elmar: A Guide to Introducing Internal Auditing – with a Practical Illustration by Dr. Jürgen Spitznagel, AuditFactory Working Paper, 03/2005
  • Schwager, Elmar; Stauss, Udo: Best Practices in Internal Auditing – Overview and Basis for Discussion on Required Standards, AuditFactory Working Paper, 01/2006
  • Groth, Alexander; Schwager, Elmar: Critical Dialog – Criteria for Success and How to Avoid Pitfalls for Internal Auditors in Negotiation Situations, AuditFactory Working Paper, 01/2007