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Transparent and Easily Comprehensible Price Model

The question as to whether the price is fair is as old as the idea of the barter economy. We spent a long time considering what approach to take in pricing our services. Not only did we want the price to be fair, we wanted our clients to be confident of that fact. In the end, we decided on a degressive price model that reflects the anticipated future development of our work with each individual client. The main objective here is to progressively reduce your auditing costs while at the same time making the auditing process easier and more convenient for you.

We want our prices to be consistent with the services that we provide. First, we agree an individual price model with each client. This will, naturally, take account of the complexity of the projects concerned. However, over a period of close cooperation, the initial price can be reduced substantially, in some cases by up to fifty percent. That applies to all our audit services except special projects, e.g. forensic audits or consulting projects, where we need to account for considerably higher requirements for documentation and quality assurance.

If you only have occasional need of our services, it reduces the amount of price leeway that we can offer. This is due to the volume of unavoidable back-office work that is generated by each contract. Even so, we are still able to offer a more attractive price than our competitors in almost all cases.

The more you use our services, the better we can target our resources and the further ahead we can plan. That reduces our risk and your price – guaranteed.

Our price model is transparent and easily comprehensible. We calculate our man-days on the basis of your individual internal control requirements and agree these as a fixed price. This is yet another way in which we differ favorably from our competitors. You will not pay more than we have agreed – that’s a promise.

Here, too, we create transparency for you. If the risk situation in your organization changes, with us you can easily make the appropriate adjustments to your auditing arrangements – at short notice and in a way that is tailored to your specific needs. Our network is in a position to react quickly to changing requirements.